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About AusVirtual Grid 

AusVirtual Grid is a FREE online 3D virtual world community, where you can interact with friends from all over the world!! We offer the backdrop to your virtual life. This Grid is only approval accounts only for family and friends.



Simulator: OpenSimulator
Mode: Grid 
Access: Public 
Rating: Mature 
Hypergrid: Enable 
Voice: Enable Vivox 
Money: No currency
Physics: Bulletsim
Scripts: YEngine 
Mesh: Animesh & BOM Supported

Family & Friends Grid

Partnering: Yes 

Backups: Auto Backup OARS 






Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 39
Today visitors: 8
Visitors (30 Days): 72
Total Residents: 80
Online Now: 2
Hypergriders online: 2